Ola Kawałko

About the designer

Ola Kawałko, 1990s. Creates and lives in Antwerp. Likes the fast pace of urban life, apple pie and Charlotte Gainsbourgh. She has variable inspirations, never knows what will come back to her. She is faithful to minimalism actually just because she does not like exaggeration, and certainly not in fashion. In her work she is interested primarily in detail and experiments with form, but always maintaining the functionality of the clothes. She wants her things to be found primarily in the mainstream of “street fashion”, to be able to wear them in many different ways, depending on the weather and your mood.

The winner and finalist of many prestigious competitions, among them inspiration Time 2009 (first place), Fashion Designer Awards 2010 (second place), Off Fashion 2010 (Final), Oscars Fashion 2011 (first prize), Golden Thread 2012 (first prize). The collections presented under Wedding Dress Festival in Berlin Fashion Week 2010, Fashion Business Conference 2010 in Warsaw and FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week in Lodz, Poland 2011 (showroom). Gained experience and skills in the Accademia Italiana in Florence and in the studio of designer hats Marty Ruth. Her collections published in both Polish and foreign magazines such as Elle, Your Style, Fashion Magazine, Malemen, Viva! Fashion, Take-me, K-mag, Exklusive, Newsweek, KULT magazine, Fiasco Magazine. A graduate of the Warsaw School of International Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. A student of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Lovea playing the accordion. When not designing she just walks around the town.

Description of the collection

Collection Autumn / Winter 2013/2014

The collection is the result of the coming together of different inspirations and emotions that recently accompanied me. The starting point was the subculture of skating and skateboarding. I focused on their wardrobe and sport that has a distinctive style of dress. The main elements of the collection are short jackets (their cut inspired by the classic baseball) with unusual structures, often with leather inserts in the sleeves. I combined them with traditional clothes (dresses, classic pants with creases, sweaters, pencil skirts with high state) so that together they form a multi-layered silhouette typical of oriental outfits. These were my next inspiration, from which I mostly took it the original colors and textures of the fabrics. So the collection is dominated by oranges, yellows, blues, greens, purples, muted various shades of gray and black. All the elements of the collection are very functional because of the possibility of any particular clothes combination. Another important element was used in the collection of natural fabrics, imported from Florence, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Antwerp and London. Very important for me was the diversity, the compensating simplicity of form. So in the collection can be found wool, cotton, silk, leather. I would like to draw your attention also to the prints created by me. These are photos taken by me of pigeons from all over the world. I collected them for a few years to use for my collection. Details and accessories are for me very important, so I decided to enrich the collection of sports shoes and backpacks. Everything in my project was created by Warsaw artists, craftsmen.

The link collection, which won the Golden Thread Ola 2012.

The latest collection, which will be presented during the Fashion Culture, is still being created.

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