Marta Makary

About the designer

Marta Makary is a graduate of the Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design, London Film Academy – Course AirBrush, the Krakow Visage and Styling School, and the Krakow University of Mining and Metallurgy – Advertising and marketing.

Created three collections:
“Barbarian”, presented at the graduation SAPU, and in the framework of the festival Kulturalia 2012 during the Miss Polonia Krakow and Galeria Echo in Kielce. Clothes from the collection were also lent to the “You Can Dance” session shooting for fashion magazines such as “Fashion & Style” and for smaller photo shoots, in collaboration with other designers.
“NewHope” collection created for the purpose of recording a short scene at the Gallery of Modern Art Bronisław Chromy and presented at an international competition for the design Habitus Baltija in Riga. Also used during a shooting session with foreign photographers, Nicholas Harding (Australia) among others, and the implementation of the film in collaboration with Dom WOWpictures production.
“Lioness” – a collection of selected for the final competition OFF FASHION Kielce November-December 2012

Professional designer, marketing specialist and advertising, stylist and make-up artist, lecturer and trainer. It works with modeling agencies, photographers, fashion magazines and individuals. Designs and sews her clothes.

Description of the collection

“Barbarians”: Romans Specify the representatives of all people who do not belong to the Greco-Roman civilization, which were characterized by savagery and lack of culture. Barbarians for the Romans were Celts, Huns, Persians, Sarmatians, Goths, etc. “Barbarian” is a female-male collection for spring-summer inspired by the style of baggy, clothes barbarian tribes and movies like “Conan the Barbarian” and “Braveheart”.

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