Lili Colley

About the designer

Fashion Jewellery Designer
London College of Fashion Graduate 2012
Studied BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery
Winner of Fashion Innovation award 2012

Description of the collection

Geo Deco Collection

For the ‘Geo Deco Collection’ I was inspired by light. There’s a great energy as the sun shines in the day and when lights glow in the dark. I’m fascinated by light, and as it moves how it changes shape, reflects and refracts.

As the sun shines through coloured glass, its a delight as the hues of colours flood in its moving path.
The sun mixes with water and oils to create spectrums of colour and It makes us feel happy, alive and awake…

I use layers of different coloured light conducting perspex, mixed with mirrors, brass and in some pieces, LEDs.
As the Jewellery moves, light catches the layers of material absorbing the lights energy, enhancing the colours as they conduct and glow brightly catching the eye.

I work hard with the materials to get a great finish, to give it a polished, shiny, glassy effect and top it with brass to enrich and make it shine golden.
The jewellery collection are individual pieces of art… They are structured and made to capture and entertain its audience.
I like the pieces to have extra dimensions. The Jewellery is new and innovative, yet people connect as they see and find familiarities and memories within.