Rikard Wahl

About the designer

Rikard Wahl recent graduate from Beckmans College of Design has already been featured in several publication including recent at Hungertv. The inspiration for this collection comes from escaping dull reality through films, dreaming of aristocratic milieus of other decades and centuries. Romanticizing and feeling nostalgic about the past with the melancholic feeling of transience.
Fascinated by the attraction to nostalgia while being aware of its partial shallowness, and drawing on typically ultra-romantic things – marriage and weddings – trying to take it to its extreme. Inspired by old wedding photographs from the Edwardian era, the materials have been narrowed down to working predominantly with white lace.
While this is the base, the colour palette is a translation of old photographs of geishas in Meiji Japan – black & white images coloured by hand afterwards in beautifully bright shades. The collection is treated in a similar way, in a sense transforming the sentimental into something new and optimistic.