Lucja Wojtala

About the designer

Lucja is a fashion designer who has grown up in a family of knitwear specialists stretching back for three generations. Her favourite technique is Jacquard weaving which has become her signature mark. Lucja uses a combination of her family’s expertise from both their needle workshop and their knitting mill to create her own independent clothing label under the trademark “Lucja Wojtala”. In addition, she has worked as a senior designer in one of Poland’s largest clothing company. Since graduating in Fashion, she had had much success, in both Poland and abroad. The pivotal moment in her career came when she won an award from the International Talent Support, where she had the opportunity to work as an intern in John Galiano’s atelier in Paris. From then on her independent label skyrocketed.

Lucja has begun to import a yarn from Italy and together with specialists from her needle workshop, has created a fine cloth with a high-quality finish. She has recently used this cloth to launch a small collection, which has been promoted in multiple fashion events all over Europe, including Bread & Butter, CPD in Dusseldorf and Euro Fashion Week in Berlin.

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