Lucia Kelly

About the designer

Captivated by fashion since childhood, Lucia Kelly has spent her life pursuing her passion for designing Womenswear.

Born and educated in Cheshire, the London-based designer was first introduced to world of fashion by her seamstress grandmother who inspired and encouraged Lucia’s burgeoning creative abilities during her formative years.

A graduate of the London College of Fashion, where she honed her skills studying Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, Lucia’s skills were nurtured during internships at iconic labels such as Donna Karan in New York, and Vivienne Westwood in London.

While her fundamental muse is love – as evidenced in all of her collections whether subtly or unambiguously – her chic yet quirky designs draw inspiration from a range of sources in the world around her be it art, music, film, current fashion or counter culture. They are also a reflection of her own moods and emotions; she pours much of herself into her concepts, channeling her feelings to explore the contrast between a woman’s fragility and strength.

Drawn to contours and outlines that celebrate the female form, Lucia’s designs are constantly evolving as she strives finds ways of creating new shapes that will enhance how a woman feels and help her to dress in a way that inspires confidence – indeed, her ultimate aim for her designs is to seduce the observer and empower the wearer.