Kate Donald

About the designer

My latest collection came from a collective of images of children’s birthday parties, home videos and Victorian flower shows. The collection centres on the idea of lost innocence and the middle ground between adolescence and childhood. There is quite an ethereal nostalgic feel to the collection with lots of knotted and twisted organza.
Coming to the end of my degree at UAL, I have found that design is definitely an avenue I want to pursue and in time, work on my own label. My work has always channelled a sense of naivety and childish fun, as I tend to design around themes of nostalgia and elements of British heritage. Print, colour and texture have always been important for me, especially in design. I have always viewed fashion as a form of art and so tend to create garments that have a sculptural feel juxtaposed against more classical shapes. Experimenting with textiles and shape is an important part of my design process, helping me make and manipulate my own fabrics. For more wearable garments, I navigate to shapes that don’t overcomplicate so that print and color dominate the figure. I think it’s important for fashion to be engaging and I aim to capture an ethereal but fun approach in my designs, layering garments and textures.