Anna Goswami

About the designer

I’m a young designer living in London and have just graduated from BA Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins. I’ve always been a bit of a nail art obsessive and always have crazy nails myself, so it was just sort of a natural progression to blend my love of nail art and fashion together for this collection.

The starting point for my collection came from a fascination with the wonders of nail art; as I have long been intrigued by how such a small surface can inspire so much creativity. I was drawn to how a unique image can be created on each individual nail, yet on the surface of the hand all the nails work together to create a complementary collection. I have used this basis to construct my prints, with each look featuring a separate image, made up by painting, arranging and stitching acrylic false nails to fabric, to in effect create my own unique fabric.

Each garment is carefully designed with the placement of every nail considered and hand painted with nail polish, a coat of colour and then a matte top coat, to give a more modern vibe. I then hand stitched all the nails to organza, to produce a scale-like fabric which sculpts to the body. I lost count of how many nails I used but I would say in the long dress there are approximately 7,500, which took about 3 weeks (of long days) to complete. I love the versatility of using the nails as i could paint them to get the exact colour i wanted and it felt more personal as it was all hand done. For the colours and prints I was inspired by a lot of 70’s photography, particularly Guy Bourdin’s beauty images featuring hands, nails and lips, that linked perfectly with my fabrication.

In the future I would love to continue working in the fashion industry, and to develop new methods of textile/fabric design and to continue making my nail garments and develop those further!