Lucas Straetmans – KASK

About the designer

Lucas’ collection ‚Maverick’ could easily be featured in a campier scenes of some of the Tim Burton’s films. Or indeed in „Pink Flamingos’ with the Queen of a Drag, Divine. Or, Lady Gaga- if she was more of a real person rather than a clever pop fabrication. But really ‚Maverick’ is best described by Lucas himself, here are his words :

‚The theme of this collection originated at a party in the summer of 2012. At this party I was called ‘fag’ several times. This revealed an anger and frustration inside me. Anger because it still is not okay – let alone stimulated – to just be who you are.
Be whoever you want to be. Some people are still treated like outcasts, like monsters.
Those people that are treated like monsters became my main inspiration. I wanted to set them free! Stand up for the monsters, misfits, mavericks! I wanted to put all the negativity that surrounds them into something positive! (…)
For me, the idea of a monster is forever linked with the minimalistic. I tried to show this in the collection. The entire collection is a patchwork of different fabrics and textures, referring to different kinds of skin and fur.
My goal was to create a dynamic, positive, energetic and vital collection. (…) Mavericks should walk with pride. No being ashamed of
who they are’.

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