Domi Grzybek – ASP

About the designer

Domi Grzybek is another of the graduates that will be showing her collection from A/W/13/14 called “Everything i have from my mother” during the next edition of Fashion Culture.

Domi Grzybek graduated from ASP Lodz Poland.
Collection A/W/13/14 was created based on a deep analysis of her first childhood memories. Digging out the very first emotions and moments, that were connected to her childhood, through her mother.

Extreme attention was given to detail-hand-sewn jacquard, mechanically-embroidered jacquard thickened seams and hologram threads.
As a closing element in the collection, a pseudo-backpack motive was used, using sewn-in straps, a motive which purpose is to symbolise the invisible weight carried by each of us.

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