Anna Wilhelmi – ESMOD Berlin

About the designer

Anna about herself. I wasn’t born as the perfect fashion designer. My childhood didn’t consist of running around in cornfields dressed like a doll, nor did I create my own t-shirt prints in kindergarden or changed Barbies’ outfits every day several times. Born in 1982 in Büsum near the North Sea, the hippest clothing item I owned were a pair of yellow wellies.

But I always enjoyed experimenting with styling, playing with unusual combinations of clothing, colors and materials. And I was never afraid to switch things work or do differently than others. This was the same for my vita, since I didn’t go down the normal route: Studying law? Sucked! – Graphic design? Bad idea, too. – Copy writing? Perfect match! – Shit on a secure job, leave city, study fashion design? Sounds stupid, sounds like me! – In my life there is no maybe, once I decide, I go for it! I’m dying for something or I hate it. I’m either really happy or really sad. I’m completely manic or tired. And if I really want something, I’ll break glasses, rules or quite possibly hearts to get it.

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