Edith Pietrzyk

About the designer

Edith Pietrzyk. Architect. The designer or architect of fashion. Creating space around the man is just as important as the creation of what surrounds it directly – clothes. In making use of interdisciplinary fashion fashion and architecture creating things simple, functional, yet unique.

Her work has been recognized in a competition for young designers, Fashion Designer Awards 2009 and presented at the semi-final show in CH Golden Terraces. She has already participated in numerous photo shoots as a stylist and designer clothes photographed. She works as an independent designer clothing and interiors.

Her graduation collection “Archimalistic” was awarded a diploma of the International School of Costume and Fashion Design by Soul Magazine – for the best diploma MSKPU and magazine fashion market. Levi Strauss & Straw and studio designer Trymbulak invited her for internships in their studios, and the Polish Agency Sales and Promotion offered her the prize of participating in the event Designeria Trends Show and showcasing her collection.

Description of the collection

“Archimalistic” is a combination of architectural fashion of fashion architecture. The collection is created based on the correlation between fashion and architecture as related fields, based on functionality, appropriate proportions and the need for the formation of subjective beauty. Solid architectural structures penetrate here in the wardrobe without affecting the comfort of their use. The collection is based on a combination of sharp, geometric forms with soft, natural fabrics: wools, delicate silks, and comfortable knitting. The unique collection is an unusual combination of colors and shapes that allow the play of light on solid clothes.

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