Anna Walicka

About the designer

Anna is a graduate of the Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design Krakow. She finished the course “Modeling and design of the shoe,” then took an internship at Aska atelier in Paris. She won the grand prize of the High Council of the Media Tailors and the Cracow Fashion Awards 2012, won the first prize for the best collection of the contest Habitus Baltija 2012, won the Golden Thread Media 2012, Golden Thread award wizards 2012, took second place in the OFF Fashion 2012 in Kielce, the first place in a competition organized for students SAPU by Polish Humanitarian “Pajacyk Collection for 2010”, was invited to show WARSAW FASHION STREET 2012, and took first place in the Workshop ART AND FASHION FESTIVAL 2012 in Poznan.

Professionally accomplished stylist for newspapers, music videos and television commercials.

Description of the collection

Unisex female-male collection inspired by construction lines, broken, geometric, fingerprint, grain in the wood, coming into space. Eight monochrome silhouettes in white, brown, black broken zippers. Materials with different weights and colors transition from light to dark form a contrasting connection. The collection includes wedges including carved designs and self-designs as printed motifs on materials.