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Fashion Culture 2015 – 4th Edition

IV Edition of Fashion Culture Project took place on the 12th of September 2015
at White House in London

Even young kids know, that Washington DC has its White House where big political players meet and try to alter the world. Not everyone knows however, that London also has a White House, although instead of politics, White House in the capital of England tends to alter our visual experiences through promoting art and fashion. Perhaps a much nicer mission and definitely a much more entertaining one.

The impressive white stucco building, belonging to Prince Jan Zylinski, truly is a gem of a unexpectedly stunning location on a leafy street in Ealing, West London. For years now, the lush interiors of the Palace have been serving as a backdrop for many extravagant productions across fashion and music, with international pop star sensations, such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, shooting their music videos there.

Jan Zylinski, a keen enthusiast and promoter of all things arty and beautiful, has been hosting the Fashion Culture event in White House for the past three years and on the 12th of September, the Palace opened its doors yet again to welcome ten budding designers from six European countries, as well as colourful crowd of journalists, photographers and keen fashion enthusiasts hailing from all over Europe.

Fashion Culture started in 2012 and since then has been working as platform connecting six European countries and showcasing the best up and coming designers. Graduates from London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, two London colleges that have been participating in Fashion Culture since its very beginning, yet again proved that London’ fashion scene is always fresh and exciting. This year they were competing against fresh blood from ASP from Lodz and SAPU from Cracow (both based in Poland) as well as prestigious ESMOD from Paris, POLIMODA from Florence, Beckmans College of Design from Stockholm and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

The models stormed the runway to a soundtrack by Polish born Sabio Janiak who took the audience on a journey down the Amazonian river. This year’ collections were an eclectic mix of styles: from floaty chiffon gowns, structured knitwear, through edgy street style- inspired looks to conceptual, wearable art – like designs.

All completely different and each one telling a unique story, therefore there’s no doubt that the task to choose the winner, was not a particularly easy one. Fashion Culture operates in a truly democratic way, letting the audience choose the best collection. This year was no different and the main prize (photo shoot to be produced by the Fashion Culture team) went to Paula Carmen Rimoli, recent graduate from Polimoda, Florence, who vowed the crowd with her beautiful origami- inspired collection.

Rimoli’s work crosses the boundaries between fashion and art in the most innovative way. By mixing paper, cotton and leather Rimoli’s collection presents surprisingly wearable garments with an undoubted wow factor. Despite the fact that she has only graduated this year, Paula’s work has been already featured in the Italian Vogue, so watch out as no doubt we’ll be hearing her name very loudly and very often across various other fashion publications and platforms.

Another graduate that attracted lots of attention, was Paulina Ptasznik (ASP in Lodz, Poland) with her SS 2015 collection. Her ‘MESSIS’ is a men’s and women’s collection, with references folk traditions connected with the end of the harvest time.

This year’ edition of Fashion Culture in a nutshell? Fashion. Young talent. Creativity with no borders. Celebration of expression through Art. And although we hardly caught a breath after the event, we’re busy plotting for the next year already. Find us on Facebook, catch us on Instagram, come and visit in person next year. Lets celebrate fashion together.

Glamorous vision of the winners of the IV Edition of FASHION CULTURE project –

Photographs by Filipe Serralheiro

Styled by Kalina Maria Dobesz

Hair & MakeUp: Natalie Oparah

Photographer’s Assistant : Richard Stone

Model: Tanya @ Zone Models

Production: Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Dzialak, Fashion Culture

Genaral Assistant: Artur Broniarz

Featured designers:

Clothes: Victoria Rowley & Christina Tiran

Footwear: Michael Azu

Accessoriees: Gina Melosi

Ginny Ning

Christopher Thompson- Royds

Location: The White House, Ealing

Photo shoot was a main prize offered and sponsored by Fashion Culture. It is an amazing chance to show in the bright and amazing spotlight what an extraordinary talent can create. Please see the results of the photo shoot called THE MORNING AFTER THE DAY BEFORE.

Honorary Partner

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London

Polish Cultural Institute London

Fashion Culture 2014 – Third Edition

III Edition of Fashion Culture Project took place on the 14th of June 2014 at White House in London.

From Psychedelic Alice in The Wonderland through wicked trip on LSD to a toy store. That sentence would perfectly describe what is happening on The Fashion Culture runway shows. You’ve never been a part of it? You should. It’s like following the white rabbit but not to its hole but to The White House in West Lonndon where Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are releasing their horrendously expencive video clips. Fashion Matrix. A zone between fantasy and the reality. Would you like to get a blue or a red pill? The red one will keep you in the place you are now. The blue one will transfer you into the world of textures, materials, images. Into the world of fashion. Into the world of Fashion Culture.

The Fashion Culture project is an innovative platform created to support young, promising designers by paving their way into the fashion industry. After successful two editions it’s time to make a third round. The baldest and the most crazy ever. I bet the Little Mermaid would pick to attend the show over her love to Prince Eric. I bed Cinderella would pick the show over her Prince as well. Because our project is a Prince Charming for your mind.

This year’s contestants, just to name a few, included Nadia & Zehra – twins representing Polimoda in Florence, Yojiro Kake from Japan, Erik Bkerkesjo who hails from Stockholm and Anna Wilhelmi who began in Berlin. The 16 young hopefuls were presenting a mix of womenswear and menswear. Fashion Culture show exposed their brands to some of the industry’s most influential movers and shakers. And they all delivered the best fashion menu you could have imagined. Because fashion is like food. It feeds your eyes, spirit and the soul.

III Edition of Fashion Culture Project took the place on the 14th of June in the White House palace in London and it was a ride that the guests won’t forget so fast. From satin dresses to contemporary vision of men’s suits to weird furry coats and streetwear mixed with the roots of hip hop and glamour. It was a fashion wrestling between the best competitors and the debuting ones who came out as strong as the regular ones.

The White House is a re-creation of a palace in Poland, which was owned by Prince John Zylinski’s grandmother. During World War II she was expelled from her palace by the Communist Government who burnt it to the ashes. After a spell in a Concentration Camp she went to London, where her grandson John was born. Brought up on stories of this wonderful Polish Palace, John promised her when he was 6 years old that he would rebuild it. Prince John kept his promise to his grandmother. The White House construction was completed in May 2009. Imagine a place sinking in gold ornaments and posh, heavy curtains like from “Gone With The Wind”. Scarlett O’Hara would love to be there and walk on the runway – if she had ever existed. But instead of Scarlett, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Lady Gaga were filming their videos there. And the palace became a great place for Fashion Culture. It became a part of its bedtime story for naughty children.

Photographer: Agata Mayer | Check out more pictures

This year the public’s award went to Victoria Rowley from London College Of Fashion who has described her collection as a crazy trip happening inside someone’s mad mind. The beautiful dresses, straight from a fairytale, were made out of 30 or 60 meters of the material. But they weren’t ordinary dresses – each, made of a delicate chiffon had a graphic on it of a massive fingers, human organs or penises. The audience was taken by the storm.

Since the beginning, Fashion Culture has been supported by many influential representatives from the wide circles of art, culture and diplomacy, such as Prince Jan Zylinski and Republic of Poland Ambassador to the United Kingdom – Witold Sobkow.

Partners of the third edition of the project include:

University of the Arts – London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UK) Beckman’s College of Design (Sweden) , Polimoda (Italy) Flanders Fashion Institure (Belgium), ESMOD (Germany) Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design – SAPU (Poland).

This is just the beginning of the journey. Come, sit down with us. Look around, listen to the sound of the music. Listen to your heart. Are you graduating this year? Scream. Shout. Shout your talent. We can put you down in our menu. Hoping that the audience will enjoy the meal you are serving. Because Fashion Culture is not only the next big thing. We are the must-to-visit place on the map of Europe.

Text: Bartek Fetysz, PR & Media Executive,

Fashion Culture II Edition

6th April 2013, London

About us

Fashion is ever more commercialised and comfort-based, yet simultaneously is constantly striving for new artistic ideas and solutions. The Polish-British Fashion Show will present the work of outstanding students from the Fine Arts Academies of Poland, namely the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw, Lodz Academy of Fine Arts, and Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design as well as Great Britain, namely London College of Fashion and Central St Martins College of Art and Design.


The creations of young Polish and British designers will be displayed within the framework of Poland’s culture and heritage. As the designers have different views and backgrounds, they will also help integrate Poland into the international fashion world. This European art event will highlight the latest superb captivating ideas from the very cutting edge of avant-garde fashion.


The creator of Fashion Culture and the main organiser of the second edition is Katarzyna Kwiatkowska-Działak.

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Fashion shows

I edition – 11th February 2012 – Warsaw

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II edition – 6th April 2013 – London

During the show the achievements and visions of young designers will be presented. They will then have the opportunity to become known and maybe even work with Fashion Houses.


February 23/25, 2013 – photo session – London

16th May 2013 – end of the II edition of Fashion Culture

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